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Savva Libkin

Prominent Ukrainian restaurateur, chef, blogger, adherent of Odesa culture. Owner of “Savva Libkin Restaurants Company”, restaurants “Dacha”, “Kompot”, “Tavernetta”.

Author of “My Odessa Cuisine”, “Odesa Feast from Privoz to Deribasovskaya”, “Odesa Business”.

Odesa is rich in talents, and each of them glorifies their city as they can. One writes poems about Odesa, another – stories, the third one chants it in music, the fourth – in painting. I love and know how to cook – this is the path I chose to unveil my hometown to the world. Reviving and glorifying Odesa cuisine, creating restaurants that become city sights, I strive to ensure that the name “Odesa” evokes not only a dreamy smile but also awakens appetite.

I am lucky to live in a truly unique city – it has everything you need for happiness. The tender sun and the warm sea, green streets and majestic architecture, beautiful people and sincere communication, natural humour and a special life attitude. And yet – its own cuisine, which has absorbed the experience and temperament of different nations. Odesa is open for all. Come by car, by plane or even walk and try it!

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