From Privoz to Deribasovskaya


Додати підпис до книги можна при оформленні замовлення

About the book

It is not just a book of recipes – this is a great gastronomic walk along Odesa. As it should be, the route originates from the grocery rows of Privoz, then it goes along French Boulevard, Myasoedovskaya street, Bazarnaya street, Jewish street and other colourful places with their own culinary history. And it will end with a big feast on Deribasovskaya street, at the table spread out in the open air and full of delicious Odesa specialities.

Following from street to street and from recipe to recipe, Savva generously shares details known only Odesa natives – stories, jokes and city legends. But of course on the first plan, colourful Odesa dishes, sometimes almost forgotten. Their recipes are carefully collected by the author in the city and country kitchens, in the stories of famous Odesa natives, as well as in the cookbooks of three generations of the Libkin family.

Friends write about the book...

Odesa’s citizens can be divided into two types: absentminded and concentrated. 

The first category is scattered across the world.

The second remains in Odesa.

Had eaten, but not read — is the content of the new book

Such a delight that Odesa feeds itself for its entire life.

But Savva Libkin feeds Odesans. 

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

In his second book, Savva Libkin offers to follow him and enjoy the unique coloring of Odesa quarters: starting from the Pryvoz Market, walk across Bazarna street, turn to Yevreis’ka street and Derybasivska street, hide in the shadows on Myasoedovskaya Street, on Moldovanka district.

For every place, he has stories to tell with details known only to Odesa citizens but not even all of them. 

Tales and jokes about Olivier salad, brought to Odesa by Duke de Richelieu, and about the elephant that has escaped from the Zoo for free grazing and walked along the market fruit rows. Or about the writer Babel, who learned about gang wars on Moldovanka from his grandma’s stories – all this in itself is a fascinating reading, worthy of the best examples of Odesa prose of the same Babel or Zhvanetsky.

‘Bread and Salt’ magazine.

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