Business in Odessa

By Savva Libkin and Anton Fridlyand


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About the book

This book is about Odesa, love for food and life, about restaurant business and money: earned and lost.

It is written for everyone who is doing and thinking about starting a business, who loves Odesa and appreciates an ironic view of life, as well as for the present and future restaurateurs.

In my book, I’m telling how I’ve built and continue building my life and my business. I tried to make this story honest, inspiring, and, of course, very Odesa.

Friends write about the book...

Odesa client is the most demanding client in the world. As I grew up in Odesa, I can respectfully declare this. With mother’s vorschmack every inhabitant of our city absorbed the highest quality level and taste of food. And for the rest of his life, no matter what country he finds himself in, he is in search of at least not over-oiled taste of it, not speaking of close to the homemade vorschmack. 

The reader’s attempt to evaluate the business path of Savva Libkin will be a failure without understanding the subtlety described above. Keep in mind that Savva managed to feed people with a high level of pickiness to every tomato in the salad. If you have already conquered this height, then all paths are open before you, and I sincerely wish prosperity to my dear friend.

Andrey Stavnitser

Savva’s first two books were with recipes. But he is not only a cook, nor only a businessman. He is an artist. That is why he treats every restaurant, every dish, and almost every phrase with an act of creativity. Therefore, restaurants are not only beautiful but interesting, and tasty in any circumstances. The book is a collection of absolutely Odesa challenges, situations, findings and characters, experiences, and achievements. It not only conveys the spirit of the time but also contains recipes. Truth not about the dish but life itself.

Andriy Fedoriv 

People come to Odesa for the sea, the atmosphere, to listen to the local talks, and for the Odesa cuisine. Savva Libkin and his gastronomic projects like Kompote, Tavernetta, and Dacha are part of this phenomenon. Restaurants of Odesa cuisine can be found in New York, Khabarovsk, Tel Aviv, Kyiv, and Berlin. It is the only cuisine named after the City where it was founded, all other cuisines are named after countries: Chinese, Mexican, and Italian cuisines. I’ve read the book with pleasure, it is interesting, there is an excellent aftertaste of it, and I want to drink tea with cherry jam at Dacha, read this book, reflect, and draw conclusions. When Odesa and Dacha are temporarily unavailable, you can open this book simply in any part of the world and imagine that you are already there.

Evgeny Chernyak

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